Words of a rapist manarchist trying to worm back into activist communities.


"I just want you to know that I know why you defriended me and though I actually never want to be friends with you again, regardless whether you get your facts straight, I want you to know why l—— removed the status about me from her facebook. (and though she removed it, I also dont want to ever talk to her again either)

i went through an accountability process for sexual assault in 2009 about things I had done in 2008. Im not proud of what I had done back then but I am a very different person from then as a result.

i told people in boston when I moved in late 09’ about everything… and people were cool with it and wanted me to practice good consent with my partner at the time as a result. No one involved wanted to kick me out of activism but rather that they thought I could change if confronted and wanted me to work on my behavior. However in 2013 someone in Irvine who I had met for less than 5 minutes and who goes to my partner’s school decided to start a rumor that I was abusing her and messaged a ton of people and said that I had assaulted more people and was unaccountable for any of this. you know shit was bad cause one of the survivors needed to come to my school in boston and tell people to stop spreading false rumors about things. She said that if anyone wanted to hear what actually happened with my process, they could message the person who was in charge of my accountability process from 09’ and get in touch with her.

you are free to do so at [redacted] or talk to folks in the boston branch of the IWW who know the facts as well (l—- didn’t bother to do this until after she posted shit). [a list of redacted names]

this is not a he said she said thing, this is about actually listening to what the survivors want and things in their own words.

Please never message me again I dont want to be your friend, I dont need people spreading false info about me about things, who dont bother to check with anyone in boston or the survivors before they decide to be white saviors.”